Trends in garden design. The most fashionable furniture and decorations

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Trends in garden design. The most fashionable furniture and decorations

Are you planning to buy new furniture for your garden? Or maybe you want to slightly refresh the arrangement and choose interesting accessories? We suggest what furniture and decorations are fashionable this season!

How to decorate the garden?

Until recently, when planning the arrangement of the garden, the main emphasis was placed on aesthetic values. On making the garden look very neat and elegant. Pandemic time has changed the approach of many people to garden arrangement – now an equally important factor in the selection of furniture or decorations is their functionality. The garden is not only to please our eyes, but also to be a place where we can relax with family and friends or just settle in with a book and enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

Garden furniture – bet on comfort!

Wondering what furniture is fashionable and often chosen by garden owners? Which of them are worth placing in front of the house to enjoy a comfortable place to relax? Definitely worth your attention are:

  • garden furniture sets – their undoubted advantage is that each element of the set is consistent with the others. This is an excellent option for those who appreciate traditional solutions in garden design. Garden sets are usually made of wood, rattan or technorattan. The last version is usually the cheapest option. Ready-made sets often include cushions that make sitting or lying on the furniture extremely comfortable. Ready-made garden sets usually include a comfortable sofa, armchairs and a coffee table. There are also options with chairs or benches – the choice of sets is really huge;
  • hanging armchairs – for several years now, a real hit in Polish gardens are hanging armchairs, the so-called cocoons or Brazilian armchairs. We are not at all surprised by their popularity. They are not only striking, but also very relaxing furniture due to the cushions placed in them and the gentle, rocking motion when using them;
  • garden benches – somewhat romantic garden accessories are returning to favor. A decorative wooden garden bench placed under a tree or by a fence with a rose climbing over it is a brick effect;
  • garden boxes – we especially recommend those made of plastic, which are resistant to harsh weather conditions. They can successfully hold extra pillows and blankets, which are worth keeping on hand in case of cooler evenings.

Garden decorations – shine in harmony with nature

After the time when tire ornaments reigned supreme in many Polish gardens, there comes a time when we bet on naturalness in the garden. In fashion now are accessories made of materials such as wood, stone or fabrics made of natural fibers. Fashionable garden decorations include:

  • lanterns, strings of bulbs, candles – they add charm to even the simplest arrangements. Just place them in various places in the garden to enjoy a unique atmosphere after dark;
  • wooden accessories – pergolas, a wooden bridge over a pond, a bird feeder or even carved figures. The choice of wooden decorations for the garden is very wide;
  • plant pots – in the garden it is worth planting plants not only directly in the ground, but also in pots that can be set on the terrace or hung in decorative flowerbeds on beams. Especially noteworthy are flowerbeds made by hand. Polish handicraft artists offer many interesting options, including, for example, macramé flowerbeds.

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