Internal metal stairs. To which interiors do they fit?

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Internal metal stairs. To which interiors do they fit?

Two-storey apartments or those with a modern mezzanine floor are becoming increasingly popular. This has resulted in increased demand for the construction of stairs and their attractive design. How do the stairs made of metal compare to other types of stairs?

It has become popular to choose stairs made of wood with a magnificent balustrade. However, the market meets the needs of consumers and offers metal stairs, which work best in austere interiors decorated in industrial style, most often made with acid resistant steel

Why should you choose metal stairs?

One of the most appealing arguments for buying stairs made of this material is their low weight, especially when compared to concrete stairs. Made of wood, they are not as stable and resistant to damage as those made of metal. Moreover, they are much slower to wear out. Their solid construction makes them a good choice when ease of installation and saving space in your home is important to you

One of such proposals are spiral-shaped stairs, which are perfect for two-level apartments with a smaller area. This is a perfect solution when you plan to include a mezzanine in your dream project. Moreover, steps for this type of stairs can be made using wood, steel, other metal alloys or glass. This gives much more freedom of construction and the possibility to use different combinations. They are perfect for industrial interiors; modern and avant-garde design.

When will they work best?

Stairs made of metal are a great idea for apartments or houses where minimalism prevails. This type of choice will be a bull’s eye if you are thinking about giving up the staircase or when the project does not provide for the installation of stairs made of reinforced concrete. Often this is not a desirable solution, due to space saving. This is when it makes the most sense to opt for spiral metal stairs. Complementing the metal stairs will be steps made of glass. Lightweight construction will be suitable for the apartment decorated in a modern style

It is certainly worth consulting a professional interior designer, who will suggest the best solution. This is a very important decorative element, which requires special care in finishing works. Stairs can be seen immediately after entering the house and in larger apartments, it is the main view from the living room. Avoid clumsy, concrete structures that will overwhelm the room and optically diminish it.

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