How to fashionably and functionally develop a bedsit?

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How to fashionably and functionally develop a bedsit?

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Small apartment size does not have to be an obstacle for practical and aesthetic interior. The key is a well-thought-out arrangement and choice of uniform colors, which will optically enlarge the interior. Read what else is important when decorating a studio apartment.


Many people do not pay enough attention to lighting, which plays an important role in creating space. With its help, you can separate work and relaxation space in the studio. The bedroom area should have a relaxing atmosphere, which you can create by using soft light with a warm white color. Well-adjusted intensity of light will have a positive influence on your mood, and a lighted desk will allow you to concentrate better on work

In small spaces will work great ceiling lamps. A good choice will be led lighting placed on the ceiling, which will not take up much space and will contribute to the reduction of electricity consumption. People focused on continuous operation of the lamp should be satisfied with the efficiency and longevity of led lighting.


In a studio flat, ergonomic use of space is important, therefore the kitchen annex should contain only the most necessary equipment – preferably multifunctional devices, such as a microwave with a cooking function. A good solution may also be built-in kitchen appliances, as bright fronts will optically enlarge and brighten the interior. Many companies also offer home appliances in a smaller than standard size, so you can save some space on your utility counter. When it comes to kitchen sinksthe most functional in a small space will be a corner sink or a single-bowl sink.

The kitchen in a small apartment should have a well-designed storage system for food, dishes and household chemicals. It is important that all furniture and accessories are kept in a consistent style, so that the interior will look minimalist and orderly. If you want to save space in a small kitchen, you can buy a folding wall table or use an extended worktop for this purpose. As an alternative to ordinary chairs, you can buy folding models or bar tables, which can be easily stored in a cupboard.


Furnishing a studio apartment should be well thought out. Many interior designers recommend that you limit the number of furniture as much as possible. A good solution for small apartments is to purchase multifunctional furniture and folding furniture from segments, which offer unlimited possibilities. Especially noteworthy are modular sofas with a sleeping function, which can be put together at any time to create a variety of compositions.

Utility furniture will prove useful in small interiors requiring ingenious arrangement with emphasis on space saving. It is also worth getting interested in modern solutions, such as a half couch or a folding table connected with a bookcase. Arranging a small studio requires creativity and setting priorities. A fold-out sofa can serve as a sofa and a bed, a comfortable pouffe can serve as a seat and be a storage for shoes at the same time. A large TV can be replaced with a projector and a kitchen table with a folding bench. It is important to choose furniture that looks light, is versatile and presents uncomplicated forms.

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