Minimalism and expressive details – interior design

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Minimalism and expressive details – interior design

Minimalism is part of this year’s trends for good. The “less is more” rule applies to interiors, closet and shopping. We are slowly learning that accumulated things take up our space, which we appreciate even more today.

Concept of minimalism

The art, minimalist interior design, has accompanied the trends for a long time. However, architecture is dynamically changing and reinterpreting previous styles. The features of this style express a definite freedom from the excess of things, betting on muted neutral colors such as white, black, beige, brown and a whole range of shades of gray. Characteristic of minimalism are cool shades, which optically enlarge the space. This principle covers all finishing elements: walls, floors, doors, furniture and decorations. It is harmony and order, which promotes relaxation and rest. In such an interior, decorations do not distract, on the contrary! They allow you to focus and concentrate

What is minimalism today?

This year’s interior trends are very much related to minimalism. What are the characteristics of today’s minimalism? First of all, it assumes an ecological approach to life. The principle of zero waste permeates the proposals of designers and designers. However this style is not devoid of details, which give character to the entire arrangement. Today minimalism is a neutral background for strong and decisive accents

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Today we spend much more time at home, so this style penetrates into forms and materials. It is furniture that takes care of our convenience and comfort and definitely less decoration, which requires order and takes up space. Today we are more willing to get rid of things we do not use in favor of organizing a cozy place for all members of the household. Cozy, almost plush furniture, dipped in wood, appears. Bookshelves that have replaced unnecessary details. Candles and minimalist lanterns that create a mood. In a nutshell, we’re looking at minimalism that’s soft to the touch, but well-made and durable.

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