Wall laths – the most fashionable interior trend

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Wall laths – the most fashionable interior trend

Are you decorating your interior and looking for elements that will make it more interesting and original? We would like to introduce you to wall laths. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits of the season. Check it out!

Wall laths – what are they?

The walls in your house or apartment, for example, you can paint with paint, cover with wallpaper or stick tiles on them. A hot trend in wall decoration is laths. These are decorative slats that are glued at equal distances, thus creating a repeating sequence.

Wall laths come in cool and warm tones and in a wide variety of colors – from light to dark wood tones and, in addition, in almost all the colors of the rainbow. The advantage of lamellas is that they fit perfectly into both modern and classic interiors.

How can you change a room with wall lamellas?

Lamellas, especially wooden ones, visually warm up the room, giving it a unique character. They also definitely increase the aesthetic value of the interior. It is not only cozy, but also luxurious. They also have soundproofing properties, which is why it is recommended to install them on the wall with the TV – they will cancel out the reverberation, improving the acoustics in the living room.

Interestingly, the way the lamellas are arranged is itself very important. For example, if you want to optically enlarge the room, arrange them vertically – from the floor to the ceiling. If, on the other hand, we want to get an avant-garde effect, let’s cut them and arrange them on a slant.

Here a little more caution: it is not recommended to install lamellas on all four walls. Then we will not only drastically diminish the room, but also overwhelm it and make it difficult to stay in it.

Is it possible to hang something on the lamella boards?

During the arrangement, the question may arise whether, since the laths will be on the entire wall, for example, is there a chance to hang something on them. It turns out that as much as possible. They are solid and sturdy and will easily bear the weight of a large TV, a framed picture, a mirror, shelves or pots.

Installation of lamellas – by yourself or with professionals?

Finally, a few more words about installation. Lamellas are sizable boards, but contrary to appearances, we do not need to hire a team of specialists to install them. We can perfectly handle it ourselves. We can easily mount them on the wall, make a partition out of them, decorate a kitchen island or furniture fronts with them. They can even be found on the ceiling.

In addition to our lamellas, we need two things: mounting tape and special mounting glue. There is no need to drill anything here. All we need to do is to precisely determine equal spacing between the individual slats.

So do not wait and in a few tens of minutes carry out a metamorphosis of your interior. Wall slats look really fantastic!

main photo: unsplash.com/Anne Nygård

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