Curtains in the living room – to the ground or to the windowsill?

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Curtains in the living room – to the ground or to the windowsill?

Until a few years ago, the most fashionable window decoration was Roman blinds. However, trends in interior design often change and curtains are returning to favor. We recommend them especially for the living room.

Curtains in the living room – is it a practical solution?

Are you renovating your living room? Or are you just looking for a way to change its decor at no small cost? Consider changing the window decoration. Curtains in the living room are an obvious solution for many, but some consider them unfashionable. Nothing could be further from the truth! Curtains are back in fashion, although in a different edition than those that hung in the windows of our mothers and grandmothers.

It is also worth noting that curtains in the living room are a very practical solution, contrary to appearances. Properly selected will be invaluable during the summer heat (thanks to them it will be cooler, as they significantly reduce the amount of sunlight entering the room) and autumn and winter grays (if you have leaky windows, the curtains will reduce the amount of wind that enters the room). However, to make curtains practical, you need to think carefully about their length. 

Long curtains for the living room

The most popular solution are long curtains for the living room. They are often chosen not only for terrace windows, but also for smaller windows that do not reach the floor. It must be admitted that such curtains are extremely impressive and make the interior seem very cozy and warm.

There are many types of long curtains for the living room to choose from – from those that cover the entire window and end about 2 cm from the floor, to those that are effectively pinned to the side of the window, and their ends lie freely on the floor. There are many possibilities. However, long curtains will not be a good solution for everyone. They will definitely not work well in a house with pets, especially with cats, who like to sit on the windowsill and look out the window.

Short curtains for the living room

Although considered by many to be less elegant, in many situations they will work better than long ones. Short curtains are an excellent choice if you have a table or sofa, for example, set up in the living room against the wall below the window.

A short curtain will also be a good solution if we have a small child. Curious about the world, the toddler often looks into different nooks and crannies, chooses surprising hiding places when playing and tries to rearrange everything – pulling a curtain can be dangerous, especially if we do not have a stable curtain rod.

Hanging short curtains is also worth considering if you have a cat at home – a short curtain will make it easier for him to climb the window sill, so it will not be destroyed by his claws. 

Wondering where a short curtain should reach? There are two most popular lengths:

  • to the windowsill ─ in this case, the curtain ends a few centimeters above the sill;
  • behind the windowsill ─ the curtain ends 5-10 cm below the sill.

Which of these options is more popular? It’s hard to say, both have supporters. It is important that the solution you decide on is comfortable for all household members and suits their tastes. 

Short or long curtain for the living room?

When choosing the length of a curtain for the living room, you should also think about the practical issue – short curtains are much easier to wash and iron. So if you have a fireplace in the living room, for example, and you know that it will be necessary to wash the curtains frequently, short curtains will be definitely easier to use.

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