Review of fashionable textiles for the home

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Review of fashionable textiles for the home

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Home décor is a factor that makes rooms more pleasant to stay in and the atmosphere in them more welcoming. Interiors become more cozy and warm mainly thanks to textiles. Pillows, blankets, carpets and curtains are what bring a unique atmosphere to the apartment and make an ordinary building become a home. See what are the trendiest textiles you can bring into your interiors

Curtains and drapes

Blinds are the element that usually brings a breath of modernity in lofts and industrial apartments. Curtains, on the other hand, make your interior design feel more romantic and warm. Curtains with grommets have been the most popular trend for several years. Strong and thick metal curtain rods can be an additional decoration of the living room or bedroom. Golden or copper curtain rods against a dark green or navy blue wall will create an unusual, elegant and effective set. Materials for curtains can also be an element of decor variety. Tropical patterns, floral motifs and elegant, marbled patterns are a great way to change the interior a little and add character to it. Curtains can also liven up a room and even give a style theme, like pink and white flowers or gold geometric patterns

Sofa and bed accessories

As well as for the sofa in your living room and the bed in your bedroom, you can add accessories to make the room feel cosier. A bedspread will make your bedroom feel more tidy and cohesive. If you have decorative pillows and a runner to match the bedspread, you can make your bedroom look like a room in an expensive luxury hotel. Bed linen itself can also be a decorative element. If you choose a theme that matches the whole, the bed will become the most visually appealing place in the room. You can buy beautiful, decorative bedding of good quality at

In the living room you can decorate the sofa in the same way as the bed. Decorative pillows with different graphics and textures, blankets and bedspreads will also work here. Thematically changing the motifs on your decorations depending on the occasion, season or time of year will help keep the variety in the room and break the year-round decor routine. It will also help you keep up with fast-changing interior fashion trends.


An element that reliably transforms an interior and makes it more cozy and inviting. A nice, fluffy shaggy carpet will add an element of warmth to your décor and make you want to take off your shoes and socks to dip your bare feet into its soft fibers.This is a very relaxing feeling, which can make the time you spend in your living room even more enjoyable. However, if you have four-legged, hairy family members in your home, it’s better to go for a relatively smooth carpet with short pile. Such fibres are much easier to clean of hair and dirt carried under your pets’ paws

Decorating your home can be fun or a nightmare, depending on the decisions you make. Textile decoration is the final decor element that completes the whole room and makes it look finished. With textiles, you will achieve the effect of a cozy home full of warmth and good atmosphere

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