Art deco walls. Ideas and inspirations

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Art deco walls. Ideas and inspirations

Wooden, somewhat monumental furniture, geometric patterns, gilding – the art deco style is far from minimalism. Do similar rules apply to art deco style walls? We suggest!

Art deco style in interior design – features

Recently, you can see the increasing popularity of this style in interior design. Art deco stands as if in opposition to the Scandinavian style, which has been popular for many years, which is minimalist and subdued. Interiors decorated in art deco style are often chosen by perfectionists who like to surround themselves with beautiful objects. Its main features are:

  • symmetry and geometric patterns, but also elegant floral patterns (large formats on curtains or carpets);
  • base colors are shades of white, beige and gray, but also maroon, bottle green or navy blue (however, these colors should be used with caution in small rooms);
  • additional colors that are the proverbial icing on the cake in art deco style: gold, copper, silver, and even black and graphite;
  • furniture made of natural, solid wood;
  • stylish accessories and textiles, such as velvet pillowcases or satin curtains.

Walls in art deco style

When decorating or renovating an apartment, it is worth thinking carefully about the finishing of the walls. They are the largest plane in any room and, properly finished, can give character to the entire room. Therefore, before you start picking out furnishings, first think about what wall finishing options you have available. What you can afford depends on several factors, such as the size of the room and its sun exposure.

Also remember to follow the rules of the style in which you want to decorate the room. So how can you finish your walls in art deco style? There are at least a few options. For interiors decorated in the art deco style, patterned wallpaper is a perfect match, but also solid walls painted with good quality paint.

Art deco style walls – paint

If you are not a fan of patterned wallpapers or plan to furnish your room with striking furniture and patterned accessories, the safe solution is to paint the wall in a solid color. You can choose from:

  • light colors, thanks to which you will get the effect of open space, optically enlarge the room and give it lightness. In art deco style, it is best to bet on warm shades of white, light gray or beige; 
  • dark colors, which will give the room an intimate and even somewhat intimate atmosphere. Elegant dark colors work well if the room is sizable. You can bet on navy blue, bottle green or maroon. The effect will be amazing!

Walls in art deco style – wallpaper

Art deco style is striking, so why not finish your walls in such a way? If you want your walls to make an impression, bet on wallpaper! It’s a solution that was once popular and has been coming back into favor recently. You have a choice of wallpapers with large floral motifs or geometric patterns, often with gilding, which are perfect for the art deco style. Remember that you don’t have to lay patterned wallpaper throughout the room. It will work perfectly placed, for example, on the central wall in the room.

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