What are the costs of building a terrace?

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What are the costs of building a terrace?

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When building your dream house, you certainly cannot imagine it without a proper terrace. This is where you will spend summer afternoons, this is where you will organize Sunday family dinners. Who would not want to have a beautiful, modern, spacious and comfortable terrace? Of course everyone! The real question is – what budget to prepare when you plan to build it?

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What factors go into the cost of construction?

Let’s start at the beginning – meaning what actually affects how much your investment will ultimately cost you? The issues you need to look at before you get down to building a patio are:

  • the quality and species of wood – depending on whether you opt for wood from our climatic zone or rather bet on an exotic species of tree will significantly affect the price of the material, pay attention to the fact that each species means different properties and possibilities of use, so read the offer carefully before you decide to buy,
  • the surface of the terrace,
  • shape of the terrace – naturally, the simpler the shape, the cheaper the investment, cutting the boards is associated with additional costs because it means more material consumption, the cheapest terraces will be by far the square or rectangular shape,
  • construction technology – composite, concrete, wood, there are really many options and it is mainly the technology that determines the cost of building a terrace.

If you are just at the planning stage, we recommend you to get acquainted with the offer of companies specializing in the industry, such as https://dobretarasy.pl/. Knowing the topic before you start building will save you from unnecessary costs that would be associated with unexpected changes. It’s good to know what to prepare for and not get caught off guard. This way you avoid the risk of wasting material, money and your own time

Elegance of wood, durability of PVC

If you are wondering what kind of decking to choose, you should definitely consider composite decking. WPC, from Wood Plastic Composite, are composite panels that are made from wood fibers and PVC fibers. This combination provides the best of both materials. The unusual, elegant look of wood and at the same time resistance to harsh weather conditions – these are the advantages of composite decking. A composite terrace will be impervious to snow and rain, but also to very sunny weather. If you decide on a composite terrace, you must remember that the substrate on which the composite boards will be placed must be even and stable. A concrete slab or concrete block will work great. Then they are attached to the pavement, the mounting clips are placed on the supports, on which the panels are placed, and finally the strips and caps are installed. The cost of a composite terrace of 20 square meters is about 6 thousand zlotys. For inspiration, see https://dobretarasy.pl/deska-tarasowa

Concrete terrace

You already know how the situation looks in the case of a terrace made of boards. But what are the costs if you plan to build a concrete terrace? The factors that it depends on are really many. The terrace should be on a level ground. In case the substrate is clay or peat, the cost of just preparing the substrate will be much higher. When the substrate is already properly prepared, the stage of screeding follows. The foundation, reinforcement and concrete are prepared. Then the whole structure is insulated and ceramic tiles are laid. The cost of building a concrete terrace can vary greatly as it can range from 6.5 thousand to 9 thousand zlotys for a surface of 25 square meters.

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