What to keep in mind when installing doors?

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What to keep in mind when installing doors?

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Doors are the barrier that separates private space from the outside world. No matter if it is a front door to your home or an internal door to your bedroom, they provide privacy and block the entrance for uninvited guests. A good and properly installed door is the basis of security, so we remind you what to keep in mind when installing them.

The right size

Before you buy a door, carefully take the dimensions, both of the opening in the wall and of all heights, such as the handle and lock. This will allow you to better prepare the ground for the installation of the door leaf itself. This is especially important if you plan to install door bumpers, among other things, which must be installed at a very specific height to be effective. A very accurate measurement will ensure that your door is tight and that movement in the frame is completely trouble-free. A door leaf that is too large will rub against the floor or frame, while one that is slightly too small will allow cold outside air into your home and make it very difficult to heat

Taking the measurements will also enable you to drill the right holes in the wall for hinges and door locks. Only by sticking very closely to the measurements will you be able to install fully functioning and secure locks, so absolutely do not skip this step

Choice of handle

Doors can be opened in a variety of ways. The most common is, of course, the traditional door handle, but you can also choose a model with a twisted knob or a pull handle. Depending on which type you choose, they will perform a slightly different function. Door handles on a long escutcheon are combined with a lock, so you need to consider the compatibility of the lock shape with the handle. In contrast, escutcheon handles have separate covers for the locks, so in this situation you can allow yourself much more freedom. A door knob does not always provide security, for one thing, the door may get slammed and you will be left at the mercy of a locksmith without your keys. The second downside to consider is that if simply slamming the door is a form of locking you use frequently, a skilled thief’s hand will easily pick the lock and a burglar will easily enter your home or apartment

Secure locks

The most important element of the door, which determines its safety and quality, are locks. Depending on what kind of doors you choose, you can install different types of security locks in them. The most effective are those with anti-burglary system. This type of security is based on the fact that steel pins slide into holes in the door frame. They are virtually impossible to disarm by undermining, which is the most common way of burglary. You can further secure the door with a deadbolt or another lock

Choosing a door is a very important decision when decorating your home. The most important first step is to take precise measurements to choose a perfectly fitting door leaf. The right door handle that is compatible with the door model and the locks. With this choice, you need to consider your preferences and needs, for example, when it comes to visual aspects or the type of connection with the locks. The material of the door and its external appearance are also important. The color of the door should match the facade of the house and the design of the hallway and other rooms

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