Alessi. World-class vintage design

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Alessi. World-class vintage design

When Giovanni Alessi opened his handicraft workshop in 1921, he probably didn’t expect that the brand he would create would still be hugely popular 100 years later. 

Alessi – an icon of design

The history of the Alessi brand begins inconspicuously – a handicraftsman opens his workshop and does his work solidly, unafraid to innovate. A story like many, but this time the effect is intimidating – Alessi products become design icons. Why? What is behind their success?

Family business 

Giovanni Alessi’s customers appreciated his products for their careful and often innovative workmanship and interesting design. Not long after opening the workshop, Alessi decided to open Crusinallo, a company based in Milan. At that time, Giovanni’s son Carlo became the main designer. It is to him that the Alessi brand owes its worldwide fame. Carlo Alessi’s original ideas bring the company great popularity. In the 1970s, Carlo’s son Alberto also joined the company. Although initially a family business, Alessi also employed external designers, who contributed significantly to the success of the brand.

Alessi – design worth noting

Alessi is considered a premium brand. The everyday objects that are created in their workshops impress with their unique style and break the patterns. The brand attaches great importance to design and has made it its mission to reconcile art and industry – you have to admit that it works out perfectly for them! It is also worth mentioning that Alessi, despite being considered a premium brand, does not focus exclusively on the wealthiest customers. Their goal is to reach the widest possible audience in order to satisfy the needs of lovers of beautiful things.

Brilliantly selected designers design items that delight the crowds. Alessi has worked with many famous designers who have created remarkable products for the brand. Philippe Starck, Jasper Morrison, Alessandro Mendini and Marcel Wanders are just a few of the list of famous designers who can boast of working for Alessi.

Alessi – a multitude of lines and series

Alessi products can be attributed to a specific line or series. The most important ones below!

  • Officina Alessi – the oldest line of the brand. It is aimed at people who want to live more beautifully. The items in this series were created by world-class designers. Everyday items (such as kettle, platter or coffee spoons) are almost works of art. They are characterized not only by a unique style, but also by excellent workmanship. 
  • Colombina Collection – a series of everyday objects created by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. Their designs (such as triangular plates in distinctive colors) fit perfectly into modern interiors.
  • Dressed – a series of porcelain and wooden accessories designed by Marcel Wanders. Convex decorations give the objects a mysterious character. They bring to mind baroque splendor. They are simply remarkable!
  • Circus – a fabulously colorful collection with geometric shapes and references to the circus arena as the main motif. 

Each of the Alessi items impresses with its unobvious design and excellent quality. These are everyday products that add a chic touch to many homes around the world.

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