Autumn trends in textiles – fashionable fabrics and patterns for the living room and bedroom

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Autumn trends in textiles – fashionable fabrics and patterns for the living room and bedroom

The arrangement of rooms in houses and apartments is usually quite constant and does not undergo major changes throughout the years. As a result, people who need a refresh and a breath of novelty often feel that they are bored in their four corners. The solution to such a situation may be a seasonal replacement of textiles.

Autumn-winter season 2022

Autumn 2022 positively surprises with a range of colors and patterns that enter fashion styling and home or apartment arrangements. If you are looking for strong impressions and determination in trends, you will certainly like the upcoming autumn-winter season. In the coming months, lines, patchwork and check will be in fashion. Intense red, juicy green and classic browns and grays will lead the way among colors – so everyone can find something for themselves. The most fashionable textiles in the autumn-winter period are accessories that will help create a cozy atmosphere. These will certainly include decorative pillows, plush blankets, as well as runners and tablecloths decorated with autumn patterns. Light bulbs emitting warm light, small decorations with colorful accents, as well as bouquets and garlands of autumn plants can also help create the right atmosphere.

Changes in the bedroom

In the bedroom it is extremely easy to make small changes that can completely change the atmosphere in the room. This is because a significant part of the bedroom space is occupied by the bed. The bedding that is placed on it, decorative pillows, blanket or bedspread therefore play a huge role in the arrangement of this interior. If you want to refresh the decor a bit and bring in an autumn vibe, it is worth investing in an arrangement that will create a feeling of coziness. Autumn and winter are associated with staying at home, lazy evenings with a book or a TV series, plush blankets and warm colors. The right atmosphere will help you build, for example, a bedspread in a wide checkered pattern, red and brown pillows arranged on the bed and romantic, scented worlds set on the etables. Another idea might be to add gold accents to the arrangement – for example, candlesticks, bed covers with patterns embroidered with gold threads or small decorations. If you feel like a bigger change, an excellent solution may be to replace the curtains or carpet in the bedroom. These elements significantly affect the arrangement of the room – a different color of window textiles, for example, can reduce the light entering the bedroom and help to introduce an intimate atmosphere.

Changes in the living room

The living room is a room that performs a representative function in the house. Its arrangement reveals your taste and sense of aesthetics to guests. If you care about what your visitors will think of you and your home, it is certainly worth considering what fashionable solutions of the coming season you would like to introduce into your home. The simplest would be to replace your textiles – in this case you can bet on buying new bedspreads with which to cover your sofa and armchairs. This small procedure can completely change the look of your living room. If you bet on patchwork capes, add pillows in a neutral color, place a pot of heather on the coffee table, and hang an autumn landscape in a golden frame on the wall, you will certainly not only achieve the dream effect at a low cost, but also delight your guests.

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