Natural materials in interiors

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Natural materials in interiors

Natural materials in interiors, such as wood, stone or glass, bring unique atmosphere; they are aesthetic, safer and more durable than their imitations. Why is it worth investing in them?


Stone is a material highly valued in architecture – it gives the interior elegance and exclusivity. It can warm up the room or make it appear austere and minimalistic. What types of stone are worth using in interiors? We recommend granite, travertine, marble, quartz and onyx.


Wood is a natural and noble material which goes best with stone decorations. Depending on your preferences and budget we can use Polish (e.g. oak, beech, walnut) or exotic wood species (e.g. teak, merbau, mango) for interior design.


Glass is a material thanks to which we can gain an impression of spaciousness and modernity. Nowadays glazing is very fashionable and constitutes a perfect background for other materials. A partition wall made of glass allows you to divide the room without disturbing the communication with the household members.

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