Outdoor wall lamps, or how to stylishly illuminate the building outside

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Outdoor wall lamps, or how to stylishly illuminate the building outside

Outdoor lighting of a house is one of the effective ways to give it a unique character. What’s more, such wall sconces are also a very practical solution for residents. 

Where to install the lighting? 

In the context of exterior house lighting, one thinks of lamps that illuminate the path between the front gate and the door of the house. This solution is as practical as possible, but it does not emphasize the aesthetics of the building and is usually not a decorative form. The situation is different in the case of outdoor wall sconces, which can not only brighten up the area around the house, but also add to its aesthetic value. Most often, this type of lighting is placed around the entrance gate, the entrance gate, the garage door, the terrace, the entrance to the building or the most important elements of the garden, such as the gazebo. Installing outdoor wall sconces in these places illuminates the entire property, makes it easier to move around after dark, and gives the entire property a warm, friendly look, emphasizing the geometry of the house.

What kind of lighting to choose?

Another aspect of outdoor lighting that needs to be addressed is the choice of the type of light. There are many types and styles of lamps available on the market, which give the whole house a unique character. Some of the most popular include led bands, spotlights, standing post lamps, wall sconces, pendant lamps or special ground-mounted light fixtures. Each of these models has a different application and will work well in different places on the property.

However, it is worth remembering that even different types of lighting should remain in the same aesthetic style. This will make the whole coherent and become an additional decoration of the house and garden. In the case of outdoor wall sconces, it is best to install them on the front of the building at the entrance to the house. Standing lamps work best in the garden and along the paths leading to the house or gazebo, while motion sensor spotlights will illuminate the garage door and the entrance to the property well.

Stylish outdoor wall sconces 

The durability of outdoor lighting is primarily related to the material from which it is made. In this case, lamps made of such materials as brass, aluminum, stainless steel or copper are optimal. These materials are resistant to low temperatures, rainfall, summer humidity or hail. These types of wall sconces do not require additional protection or care. Outdoor wall sconces produced from this type of material can also be very stylish and add a unique character to the whole. More massive black wall sconces fit in with the modern style of the building. 

There are also retro wall sconces on the market, stylized as old lamps, which are ideal for more classic facades of houses. Lovers of more avant-garde solutions can take advantage of wall sconces styled as small chandeliers, lanterns or street lamps. Among the interesting proposals are also wall sconces with large, modernist bulbs, glass elements or wooden finishes.

main photo: unsplash.com/Philip Myrtorp

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