Hybrid offices. Is there flexibility in office space?

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Hybrid offices. Is there flexibility in office space?

The trend for hybrid offices, or flexible office spaces, has developed over the past year. See how modern offices are currently decorated.

The answer to the new needs of the office market is the hybridization of office spaces. What exactly does this term mean?

Offices are starting to be arranged in a more casual style, including mixing work zones, e.g. open space with a relaxation zone. More and more common solutions are becoming desk-sharing and coworking spaces. Thanks to such solutions, companies have the possibility to freely increase or decrease space for personnel, which allows for cost control. Such flexibility is especially appreciated in the current environment

In hybrid offices, in addition to work space, there are also relaxation areas, cafeterias, and other meeting places that are important for employee comfort. Office flexibility also means the ability to do work from different locations.

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