Black bathroom taps trend for modern bathrooms

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Black bathroom taps trend for modern bathrooms

Until now, chrome fittings have reigned supreme in bathroom design. For some time, however, we can see black bathroom taps more and more often. Initially, this trend was present mainly in kitchens and it is there that we “got used to” black faucets, which always look elegant and give the whole arrangement a classy and finesse.

Black bathroom mixer – trend or classic?

Black mixers are a hallmark of the ever-popular industrial aesthetics. It goes well with a white base on the walls in the form of tiles and snow-white washbasins or bathtubs. It works wonderfully with wooden elements, creating a minimalistic, yet classic combination. Bathroom fixtures are a choice for years. It is widely known that black harmonizes sensationally with almost all shades, textures, and motifs, so it will always match any accessories that we decide to introduce into the interior

We are convinced that, despite the current fashion, these bathroom faucets, so classic in their form, will stay with us for a long time and are definitely worth having in our home.

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