Desk chair – what functions should it have?

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Desk chair – what functions should it have?

Most of us spend hours at our desks every day. Children do their homework and play games at it. And we work, often for eight hours or more. That is why a comfortable desk chair, which allows us to maintain proper posture and ensure comfort, is so important. What should it be like?

What functions should a desk chair fulfil?

The main task of the chair is to support our body and give it the right posture, in which we can stay for more than ten minutes. How do we know that the chair is right for us? When we sit in it, our back should be against the backrest, our legs should be lowered down, our feet should rest flat on the floor, our thighs should be horizontal on the seat and our forearms should rest parallel to the ground on the armrests. To position the chair well, it should have a height adjustment. It would be good if it had a specially shaped element supporting our lumbar section. The armrests and the headrest, which we can rest our neck and head against, also serve our comfort. Some people also like the backrest to tilt backwards. Ergonomic armchairs have all these features, ensuring that we have the right posture even for many hours

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