Tiles – a way to modernise your interior

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Tiles – a way to modernise your interior

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When we think of tiles, modern bathroom and kitchen interiors come to mind. However, they have much wider application. We will tell you how to effectively refresh any space with tiles.

Universal solutions

Marble tiles are a classic of any elegant kitchen. Marble is a timeless stone, used in construction for thousands of years. Its advantages are its versatility and great flexibility – on the market you can find tiles in various patterns and colors, which will complement any style room. Naked, unpolished marble walls are perfect for industrial interiors, in line with the use of natural raw materials such as cement or brick.

However, the most popular finish is polished marble. This is an elegant solution, which will do well in rooms designed to dazzle guests with their richness without unnecessary splendor. This material can be used for the floors of large estates, exterior staircases, kitchen islands, bathroom counters or even as an artistic designer piece of furniture.

For variety – accent

Accent walls have long been popular, after all, they are a very simple way to visually divide a room into several smaller spaces, and add depth to the overall design of a room. Even the dullest white four walls will get a facelift with the addition of a well-placed accent color. However, not everyone decides to use tiles for this purpose – which is a shame, because it’s a much more unique solution than painting one wall in a room a different color.

When deciding how to add an accent to a room, remember that its judicious placement is equally important. Too often, designers or new homeowners choose random walls without any deep thought, resulting in a chaotic image. Don’t take this process lightly and think about what purpose an accent wall has in a given space. Do you want to place it behind a Scandinavian bookcase with open drawers to create a built-in back wall effect? Or do you want to separate the sleeping space from the kitchen in your small studio apartment? Then you can boldly teach these walls with an accent piece. Hive Cobre bathroom tiles, thanks to their warm, eye-pleasing shade, will compose beautifully when placed behind the bed, thus creating a visual border between it and the rest of the house.

Don’t be afraid of unique patterns

How many times can you cover every kitchen with the same boring subway tile? After a while, the oversaturation of certain treatments in the art of interior design is just too annoying to continue using the same outdated solutions. Despite what Instagram may tell you, kitchens don’t have to be white at all. Experiment with the style of your home and decorate it to suit the personality of the homeowner, without paying attention to the trumped-up preferences of others. After all, they are the ones who are supposed to enjoy living in this house. If you are designing an interior with a view to its later rental, we will comfort you with the fact that also young renters are slowly getting discouraged by the Ikea aesthetics so often found in new apartments.

Patchwork tiles are a great way to introduce more interesting patterns and different textures to a given space. This is a solution that Dita Von Teese herself would be proud of in her glamorous vintage home. Imitating colorful blankets sewn from scraps of different materials, will make the room unique, and will serve as a great excuse to start a conversation with guests.

Of course, if you like plain white tiles – there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you feel that this whole design concept has gotten to you, don’t be afraid to go a little crazy in your designs. You might just discover a great new trend.

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