Furniture for the balcony. Which ones will work?

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Furniture for the balcony. Which ones will work?

Furniture for the balcony or garden is usually a big dilemma, so think carefully about what you need and what you like before you buy. Here are some suggestions that are sure to work!

The space on the balcony for a large proportion of city dwellers is often a substitute for a garden or terrace, where we can have lunch or dinner, drink our morning coffee or read a book in the evening. Therefore, it is worth betting on furniture that is solid, practical, but also pleasing to the eye. The basic criterion here, however, is comfort and resistance to weather conditions.

The basics

Arrange a relaxation corner. A table and chairs will work well for this. If you have the option, a small couch may be used. There are many possibilities. You can choose furniture made of wicker, rattan, metal, glass, pallets or plastic. If you like to relax on the move, think about buying an armchair or a swing that children will love. Cocoon type models are perfect for larger spaces with a canopy. When you want to save space, opt for foldable furniture such as chairs or a table that you can unfold when you need it.

Practical and useful

If you have the space, think about useful storage furniture where you can stash your blanket, cushions, or balcony plant care accessories. For this purpose, trunks and chests that can also function as seating are perfect.

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